This is why i refuse to drink anymore..

Announcement Thingie.

Well, It’s been a long time coming but I think now is a good time to announce a little…thing that’s going to happen alongside the Masterblog from now on.

Three big news adjustments

First. SketchyDoodle and I have teamed up to start a freelance comic productions company that we’re calling “Eureka Productions” until a better name presents itself. We’re going to still update this comic as the main one until it’s completed, but we’re wanting to produce original content.

Second. She and I are using to help us support this new decision, I said help support, not fully support it.
If you enjoy my work for the Master Blog here, and want to continue to support me as I branch out into something new you can aid us here  (once again, we’ll change the name and links and will make you aware of it.)

Third, and this is mostly for myself. If any of you fans would like to send fanmail, I am going to list my address below.

C. Hall
3800 Buchanan Rd.
Texarkana, TX 75501

So yeah. Thanks to you all for the two and a half years and nearly 10,000 subscriptions to my little comic. And remember if you wish to talk to me, you can always send a tumblr message to


This wont end well.

As you can see, I may have let the festivities…cause a lapse in judgement


Rabbit Hole…

Rabbit Hole…

Who does he think he is?
((I would like to point out the biggest part of this. the world the Doctor sees is not the one the Master sees….nor is it always black and white on what role each of the players have.))

Wait what that wasn’t what I—

((from this post))

A new perspective on this moment.

Asks are closed for now. Will open later when I need more.

I was incorrect. The horn is annoying….you are evil…

Introducing the other new artist on the team

You lot seem to know a bit about this, so…any ideas?

(Inbox is Open)

Introducing a new artist on the team

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